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Anyone have experience dealing with TC?


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Seems like the Education forum is pretty quiet... let me start off by introducing myself. I'm a professional accountant, having worked in the industry for an equivalent of 8 years now. My various positions have provided me a lot of opportunity for corporate teaching with some collaborations with local universities. I'm now looking for a career change to do something more meaningful with my life, hence, application to Ed School.

I will apply to Harvard and BC Lynch and Boston is the city of choice for my SO and me. I have chosen my programs there. However, as a backup, we are open to New York, so I plan to apply to NYU and Columbia TC, which I have found to be more difficult to find appropriate programs for someone with my background. One option that I'm looking at is Columbia's "Curriculum & Teaching" (non-licensure) program, which provides the breadth of study that I'm looking for. However, it also requires a two year (or equivalent) teaching requirement, which I don't know how to interpret. Has anyone looked into this at TC? I'd appreciate any input I can get!

The TC website is also the worst in terms of ease of finding information -- I can't even find an email to an admissions offer to ask questions. Guess it really is a factory.

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