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Profile Evaluation :: Fall 16| MS-Electrical Engineering| 306 |92 |8.44 GPA| Siddaganga Inst of Tech (VTU)


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Could someone please evaluate my profile based on the below details.

Test Scores:
GRE - 306 (Q-156 64%ile , V-150 45%ile, AWA-3)
TOEFL - 92 (R-22,L-20,S-24,W-26)

CGPA - 8.44, B.E. (Electronics and Communication) 
Siddaganga Institute of Technology (Autonomous Institute, affiliated to VTU)
University Topper : 9.66.
I have had 2 Backlogs in UG, however not relevant to the field I am applying for.

Work Experience:
2 Years 4 months work experience (so far) in WS Atkins as Telecommunications Design Engineer. Worked on Telecommunications Design, LAN Designs, Customer Information Systems for UK Rail Industry.

Training and Certifications
Achieved Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) Certification.
Attended "Embedded Workshop on Processors and Peripherals".

Extra Curriculars
Was an Executive Board Member of IEEE, SIT Student Branch and have organised/volunteered and participated in many Tech/Managerial Events.

Academic Projects:
Pre - Final Year Project : Intelligent Automatic Street Light Control using RTC, GSM.
Final Year Project : "Performance analysis of Digital and Analog circuits using CNFETs in HSpice".
Both the projects have won a short-list into the top five best projects of the year (Have no certificate stating so, however Sad ).
Professional Memberships : 
Affiliate Member of the Institute of Railway Signal Engineers (IRSE).
Member of the Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET).

Applying for MS in Electrical and Computer Engineering / Electrical Engineering.

Shortlist of universities : 
1. San Jose State University, California 
2. University of Illinois, Chicago
3. University of Texas, Dallas
4. University of California, Santa Clara
5. University of Massachusetts, Amherst
6. University of Florida
7. University of Cincinnati 
8. The State University of New York at Stony Brook
9. Syracuse University
10. Arizona State University
11. NYU Poly
12. University of Utah, Salt Lake
13. North Carolina State University
14. Rutgers University
15. University of North Carolina, Charlotte

Kindly request you to please classify these unis as Safe/Mod/Ambi/V.Ambi accordingly.
Also please suggest other Universities that match my profile.

Thanks in anticipation!
Cheers :)
P.S. : I am new here to GradCafe and I am not sure if this is the right forum for getting my profile evaluated. Please guide me if this is not the right place.
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