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Macro or Micro - Economics


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Quantitative background: Calculus I (B), Statistics (B)
I did not take any economics classes during undergrad. I want to enroll in an online economics course. Should I take macroeconomics or microeconomics or both (would be expensive)?

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I took AP Micro in high school and passed the exam.  However I took Intermediate Micro my sophomore year and made a C.  So I decided I should strengthen my foundation in Micro so I am taking a course at UT Austin Extension which has a microeconomics class for around $550.. It's really not that bad. You don't even need to pay for a textbook.  Just find it online for free somewhere if you need.

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Microeconomics is more relevant for public policy programs.  You also can look into courses through the University of London International Programs, although those do typically require a proctored exam (I think they offer the exams around the world).

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