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Sources of funding section on university application form


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If you basically have no access to funding (i am applying to the US as an international student) and are almost entirely reliant on getting funding from the university, should you just leave blank the section where you are asked to state the resources available to you to fund your study? Or will this just piss the university off? I don't know whether universities expect everyone to have sources of funding available when applying, or if they are happy for some people to apply with no funding in place. Realistically, I could get some loans together in the UK, but nowhere near enough to fund my study.

Btw I realise that getting a scholarship from a university is very unlikely, but I wanted to apply on that basis on the off chance.

Thanks for any advice..

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Most applicants for PhD programs won't have external funding sources, so you have nothing to worry about if that's your goal. You'll most likely be funded by the program. For professional programs and many MAs, you won't be funded by the program and so you'll have to either find external funding or take out loans. To my knowledge, most applicants end up taking on some debt, even if they manage to find some sources of funding. Schools admit applicants under these circumstances all the time. 

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