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Sending two SOPs?

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Ok, so one of my grad programs requires us to enter our SOP on the online application, but it has a word limit of 300! Which is super short, considering my SOP for most of my other schools is about 600 words. So obviously I had to cut out a lot, and I feel like it's really bad. I have to mail in other forms, so should I include my longer version SOP, since I feel that it's better written? 

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Sometimes it makes sense to send in extra documents, especially to explain/support something there is no space for in the standard application. However, this is not one of those cases. Since you are requested to write a 300 word SOP, you should not be sending an additional longer SOP. Instead, I would recommend that you write a new SOP that fits within 300 words instead of just cutting out stuff from a 600 word SOP. Being concise and following directions are important parts of being a graduate student!

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