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Can someone help me with my Fletcher anecdote?


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I never post for writing help on this website but I'm getting desperate. I knew my topic wasn't working weeks ago but then finals took over my life and I don't have time for a complete overhaul before the map your future deadline. If anyone would be willing to help me salvage what I can I would greatly appreciate it! Just message me. Thank you in advance!

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Thank you @ASHLEYSHEN! good luck to you too. I am also writing about a study abroad experience, specifically the year I spent abroad in high school that encouraged me to break out of the South Dakota bubble and pursue a global career. not the most original, but there wasn't much else I could talk about that i didn't mention anywhere else.

@sp108, here is the prompt. It is in addition to the actual SoP: 

"To help the Committee on Admissions get to know you better, please share an anecdote, or details about an experience or personal interest, that you have not elaborated upon elsewhere in your application."

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