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MS in Applied Statistics/Analytics with GRE 321?


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I received such GRE score 321 (162-Q, 159-V, 3.5 AWA).

Have BBA in Finance from Top-50 US university (but with low GPA 3.23) - graduated more than 15 yrs ago. Have more than 15 yrs of total work experience, including 6 yrs of recent work experience in finance, banking and risk management (I am doing applied statistics on every day basis already). Have 2 professional certifications (1 in accounting, 1 in risk management). Have taken several online courses on edx platform for python, R, data analytics and big data analytics. I am good with VBA coding, which I learned by myself (created db in MS Access and programmed it myself)

Could you comment if this score is good for masters programs in applied statistics/analytics (some also in phd level).

Applying to the following graduate schools:

- Uni of IL, Urbana -Champ

- Drexel University

- University of Toronto

- Queens University

- Ohio State University

- Texas A&M

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