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When I first took the GRE I used my free sends with department code 2804, which was listed as "Philosophy - Philosophy"

I was just looking at the Pittsburgh application website, though, and they say to use 2801, "Philosophy - All Philosophy Fields".

From now on I'll be using 2801 for all my sends unless otherwise specified by the university, but are my 2804 ones lost? Most website don't specify a department code, just a university code (and some, e.g. Princeton, say that no department code is required at all). Is 2804 close enough?

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I don't know. I did the same thing as you though and I'm assuming its a common occurrence, so I'd expect it'll work out alright. Though USC says to use 2801 too. But it probably doesn't matter. Guess the only way to be sure is to email the departments and ask.

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When I retook the GRE last month I had scores sent to four departments using the 2804 code.  I emailed the four schools about this after finding out that 2801 is the standard departmental code.  Of the three schools that replied, one thought I should be fine, while another recommended that I resubmit the scores to 2801.  A third advised me to wait until after the holidays to see whether the scores had arrived.

Another student in my department sent scores to a sociology department a few years back and is now applying to the same school for philosophy.  The philosophy department at that school told her that they'd be able to get her scores from the graduate school, and that she wouldn't have to resubmit them to the philosophy department.

In short, you might not need to resubmit your scores, but you should check with individual departments.  How GRE scores get linked up with applications probably differs from school to school.

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