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How competitive I am to get into Graduate institute Geneva ( MA in Dev, Studies)


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I just wanted to gain few information from people who have applied to IHEID Geneva regarding their application for master's program and the academic/ work experience and other requirements. I finished my undergraduate studies B.A joint honours in international development and Sociology abroad from the university in UK as an international student. I have returned to my home country Nepal and worked for few months in the development field freelancing as writer/ reporter and asst. communication officer for a Dutch based INGO,  and some other independent projects through group fundraisers like library establishments in various government schools in remote villages ( i chose this over an internship with UNDP as it seemed more direct  grassroot level interaction with the community development and firsthand insight with local people) . I was also actively involved in large fundraisers and earthquake relif missions while physically going to the affected areas during the disastrous earthquake that happened in Nepal in April and continue to do so through couple of organisations that work on post earthquake reliefs in shelter and education for children. (nothing to really boast off of what I did as that was my responsibility as the citizen of the country) however just to put under the couple of development work experiences I have to per se speak for the requirements apart from my involvement with UNICEF on campus during 2nd year of uni where i was the fundraising coordinator as well as president of the Nepalese society group. I also played for the Women's rugby Union and was cultural ambassador for international student representatives body.   

Currently due to family obligation and various circumstances, I am working / assisting our family business that is to do with clothing and service although my primary passion and dream is to work for international organisation on policy making level as well as conflict, sustainability and multilateral trade. ( I still convince that what i am doing comes under entrepreneurship and that i am creating jobs for the young people in my town). It has been almost 2 years now and I have an intense desire to get back to development sector and pursue my passion on the field after i finish my masters. And Graduate institute seems like a very good school to pursue to due to their specialisaton on the sector , geography, alongside their very notable alumni . Besides, I am very much keen to learn various languages and particularly French or Spanish,which they provide free classes during first and second semester which is an added bonus . 

The main question therefore is I graduated with 2:1 ( Upper second class) US GPA equivalent avg 3.5- 3.67? - is that a competitive academic score?

GRE - preparing , Given the time scale i could do good 
What i am concerned is if my family business experience would be enough to apply for the course given the gap year between my undergrad and post grad entree? ( 2.5 years in the time of enrollment? ) 

I am not confident about the application procedure and any suggestion would be really valuable . 


Many Thanks

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Hi HanaSad,

I am not entirely sure what is it that you are asking. If you are concerned about the gap between your graduation and application for grad school, some universities actually encourage students to take some time off (working or interning) before they apply for graduate programs. I am not familiar with IHEID's admission procedure and requirements but I am absolutely sure that taking time off will NOT be regarded as something negative and will NOT hurt your chances for admission. 

By the way, 2:1 is equivalent to 3.2-3.7. It depends on the grading scale, of course. Overall, from the information you have provided, I think you stand a decent chance and should definitely apply. Good luck!


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