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What are my Chances for a Masters Program?


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Is graduate school even possible for me? Will it ever be? This is what I'll be applying to graduate schools with:


Overall GPA: 2.95

Jr/Sr GPA: 3.04

Major GPA: 2.45

Minor GPA: 3.15

GRE Scores: 138V, 143Q, 3.5 Writing. 

One Semester of Research in a Lab.

Work Experience and Volunteer Experience interacting with people. 

Compelling Letters of Recommendation. 


I screwed up undergrad, I know. Besides doing a post bac, how can I get into grad school? Is it possible to get into an unaccredited program? I know an accredited program might be impossible. I'm wanting to go into Clinical Mental Health Counseling, Rehab Counseling, or Professional Counseling. I know some schools have a cutoff of 2.5. But most have a cutoff of 3.0. I have people skills and a lot of experience working with people. Can't they just use that to waive GPA? I did get C's and D's in my major, but that is because of personal reasons. I am not a test taker, which is why I scored badly on the GRE. I also never took a prep course and never had any prep for it. 

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This thread should be useful for you.  There are many others who have had sub 3.0 GPA's and have gotten into graduate school.  I suggest finding one that is relatively active and ask them what they did to get into a MS.



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