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Changing to other school for math program.


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Hi. I just finished 3rd semester of PhD program in Math/Applied Math in a school ranked around 40 in USNEWS ranking.

I came from out of USA with Bachelor's degree to study in graduate school and was thinking about doing applied math when I came here. But I knew nothing about what applied math meant here, and now I lost interest in applied math. I'd like to change to more pure area, possibly algebra.

But problem is that, I haven't taken an algebra course yet in graduate school (But I'm thinking of taking 2 algebra courses next semester). I also haven't passed any qual yet. And I feel like many people here don't like me for some reason by now and it sounds ridiculous but I have reasons to suspect someone related to department have installed something like spy cam in the apartment that I'm living in now.(I'm living alone in an apartment)

Therefore, I would be pleased if I could change to different school. I think I'm creative and could be competitive if I could study what's interesting to me. I would like to become a professor. So, being an international student, I would appreciate if you share your opinion about if it would be possible for me to change to some other school in US. If I need to leave US, I'm thinking about applying to some graduate school in Japan also.

For my credentials, I have above 3.9/4 g.p.a undergraduate from unknown school and have 160/170/4.0 GRE, and math subject test score was something like 730 (The scores are about 2.5 years old now)


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