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Defer or still apply to MPH programs


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I am in a pickle because of the GRE. I am applying to MPH (epidemiology) programs. I took the GRE in early November (late, I know) and got the most lopsided scores in the world.  V-165 Q-<150 AW-4 

I thought about retaking the exam in February (the schools that I am applying to have late deadlines). However, I studied for a year to get the scores that I got and I am unsure if I can boost my score in less than two months. I would hate to defer my application because I REALLY want to go to grad school in this field. But I don't know if it is wise to apply with such a low quant score. Does anyone have any advice? 


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You should look for each school's admissions data and find out the average V and Q scores for last year's applicants. If your scores are within 2 points or so, I think you would have a fair shot.

In my opinion, deferring at this point does not make sense. You really have nothing to lose by applying and everything to lose by deferring.

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Yikes, if you are doing Epi your quant score is going to be very important.  When the person who is reviewing a giant pile of applications for a math heavy program like epi, GRE scores are going to be an easy way to cut that pile down.  Unless you have excellent math scores from undergrad and are just a bad test taker, do your hardest to bring that score up.

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