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ETH Zurich MSc MTEC Program


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Anyone know anything about the admission statistics for this program? I read somewhere that it's between 25-30% but I'm not sure.  I finished a Bachelor of Chemical Engineering from McGill University and I'm looking to apply to ETH Zurich for an MSc in MTEC.  I got a 165Q, 161V and 4 AW on my GRE.  My GPA wasn't great; 3.1 which still puts me above average at my school, but McGill isn't known for having high grades within engineering departments.  I have worked for over a year at a green engineering firm in California and I'm ready to take this next step.  If anyone has any information about what it takes to get admission to this program and whether I stand a chance, please speak up here :-) 

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I don't have specific knowledge the admission statistics, but based on the information you provided your application seems decent. IMO, your GPA doesn't seem to be too big of a problem considering it's from McGill. I've met a few MTEC student and the message I seem to receive is that work experience for this particular programme is extremely important. Hope it works out!

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Thanks for the response! 

Coming from McGill, I'm really very disillusioned as to what grad schools find "acceptable".  It is good to know that work experience is important.  I'll focus on getting really good LoRs then, to make sure that that part of my application is as solid as can be.  What did the MTEC students have to say about the programme from personal experience (if you happen to know)?

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Hi, guys,

I am also considering an application for this master program.

Do you have information regarding the overall profile of the accepted candidates (IELTS, GRE, working experience, etc.)? 

I would be glad if any student or alumnus could share this information with us.



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