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Lowest Ivy League GRE Score Ever? GPA?


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Ok so if you got into an Ivy League school with what you believe was a relatively low GRE score, post it here along with the name of the school. We can do the same for GPA. Just keep trying to top the current low! Let's figure out the lowest GPA and GRE ever accepted into Harvard!

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I went to an Ivy Master's program with a cumulative 2.85 GPA (undergrad), but then I did my first Master's degree with a 3.7+ GPA ( + a ton of other stuff, like adjuncting, presenting, etc). It was unfunded but I was lucky enough to use my first Master's degree to leverage a funded TA position. The Master's program wasn't incredibly competitive (something like a 50% admit rate) and didn't even require GRE scores.

Similarly, a friend of mine got into a Ph.D. program at Harvard with a 2.4 cumulative undergrad GPA, but then he (also) did two Master's degrees, published, presented, took classes at Harvard (where he got great LORs), and got in because his research fit the program and he worked VERY hard during his two Master's degrees (and killed the GRE with an above 1500 GRE score). 

That being said, each admit is different--different circumstances to them achieving a less-than-stellar GPA and how they've overcome it. I'm not really sure how productive this thread would be to prospective grad students. Just because someone was once admitted with a low GPA, it doesn't logically follow that the GPA was the determining factor for admissions. 

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