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Masters in Computer Science with non-CS background(civil)


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is there any one who got ms in cs in the top grad university in usa with a btech in civil/ My gre score is 311 and dont know what to do.. please help by sharing experiences like university name and possibility.Many university such as nyu has option but does they offer that much of help???

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If by top schools you mean MIT/Stanford/etc I highly doubt you'd get in with a 311. You'd need a stellar GPA and significant research/project/work experience to make up for it. Even if you got a 170Q, that would mean you'd have a 141V at best which definitely raises some flags. I'd suggest either retaking the GRE if some of your schools have later deadlines, and aiming a bit lower. As long as you have taken considerable coursework in CS with your general electives and have had a good amount of work/research experience with CS applications such as algorithm design/ML/AI/etc (or whatever field you're interested in) you could argue you'd be a successful transfer in terms of major.

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