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Americans, how did you fund your studies in Canada?


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I'm a US citizen researching Library and Information Science programs in both the US and Canada. The University of British Columbia has a well-regarded program, but it isn't cheap -- and it doesn't look as though I would be eligible for a federal loan at that particular school. I am very wary of taking out private loans, but I would otherwise find it difficult to cover the full tuition, fees, and cost of living in Vancouver.

Any fellow Americans doing an MLIS in Canada or studying anything at UBC? How are you funding it?

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I am from Colorado and am currently studying Biochemistry (MSc) at the University of British Columbia, Okanagan. I obtained complete funding through an industry partner and through employment as a full-time teaching assistant. I had to reach out to obtain funding and I do a lot of presentations and community outreach in order to gain support for my research. I had to apply for some external grants provided by the local government or private sector industries. I make about $33,000/yr from these sources and am one of those rare, lucky students who was able to somehow save money during grad school. It is a lot of work for that wage though!


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Have you looked into the International Tuition Award at UBC? It covers 3,200 a year of tuition; all international applicants are considered and from what I understand (from talking to students) they distribute several of these awards every year. Also, you are eligible for unsubsidized Stafford or PLUS loans at UBC http://you.ubc.ca/tuition-scholarships/loans-assistance/us-loans/

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