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Hello. I am doing my B.E. mechanical engineering 3rd year (6th semester) in one of the premier institutions in south Tamil Nadu, India. It is a private college (autonomous) under Anna University, Chennai, Tamil Nadu. My current CGPA is 7.91. I am interested in doing my higher studies(M.S.) in U.S. or Europe. I have heard that U.S. is not a preferable destination for mechanical engineers. If that is so, which universities and countries in Europe give a good course for mechanical engineers?

If Germany or France is good, do I need to learn German and French. If yes, can I wait after finishing my 4th year and learn any of the languages and then apply for M.S.

But, I would like to apply for 2017/2018 courses as soon as I finish my 4th year in 2017. 

Would the universities be considering my GPA from my 1st semester?

I haven't written any tests such as GRE, TOEFL, IELTS, etc. 

What is a good way to prepare for them and who decides what tests I must take.

I have also learnt that US universities value the profile and Statement of Purposes. Is it only US universities or other universities also?

I have no backlogs(arrears) till now. I have only participated in a couple of workshops and one aero-modelling competition.

I have absolutely no participation or winner certificates other than the above.

How good is my scope for M.S. in abroad?

Thank You.

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