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Low GRE, great recommendations. Chances?


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I took the GRE recently and was very surprised by my scores, much lower than I had expected. Ive always been better in English than Math and pulled a 160 on the Verbal but ended up bombing on the Quant section and got a 139. Scores don't even look like they belong to the same person. Im applying for a MHA at Penn State and several other schools and Im not sure if this dooms me? I have some excellent recommendations, including one from a department head at Penn State (department is a related field). Ive had a lot of internships and my GPA is 3.45, four internships, got an A in a graduate level class I took as a undergrad, and have been published.

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I also have the same experience, only that my verbal AND writing was incredibly low (148/146/2.5) and felt like the end of the world as I received my writing score. I am applying for MA Feminist Studies at UCSB, have contacted the department about this concern prior taking the test and they said that the program weighs verbal and writing more than quantitative and if the GRE score is too low, they will consider the essays and the recommendation. So their reply kinda gave me just a dash of hope. This case may be different for the program you're applying to. 

On the other hand, I was wondering if I should retake my GRE with this condition? My GRE score was submitted after the deadline, January 1 (I have asked for extension) and my concern was whether this is a wise option regarding how late my scores will arrive and the chances to gain much higher scores?

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