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undergraduate conferences in linguistics

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Hey everyone, 

Im looking to present my independent study and was wondering if you guys can help me put together a list of undergradute conferences in linguistics or alternatively just conferences that accept undergrad papers

so far Ive got:

toronto annual conference

cornell colloquium

western annual conference

harvard (no date for 2016)

are there any others in North america?


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There are a few others, e.g. I think at McGill and Ottawa, but my advice would be to at least try for a graduate student conference, if not a regular one. You won't gain much from going to an undergrad conference, unless the main purpose is just to get in front of an audience and present your talk. A proceedings paper (if there will be one) won't count for much, and in general at least in my experience the quality isn't always that great so you might not get a lot of feedback. It'd be much better to attend a lower-level "real" conference, if you can find one that will accept your work. SLP is too much outside my expertise to give advice about particular conferences, but your advisor might have some thoughts.  

Update: see also here: https://sites.google.com/site/msuqualms/resources/undergradute-linguistics-conferences-in-north-america

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