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What are some safe universities for MS Stats?

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My profile - 

GRE - 165Q/160V/4.5

Undergrad Major - Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Top 10 Indian college

Undergrad GPA/Percentage - Very low (due to an undiagnosed learning disability throughout), using WES it comes around 3.0-3.3 depending on how many past credit hours I have to use in calculation

Stats exp - aside from Coursera and 1 data science internship, none. Had advanced maths courses though and some statistics in 1 course on telecommunication.

Im looking for MS stats with a large computational component. Can anyone provide a list of universities that might be safe for me to apply? 

Currently applying to 

  • IU Bloomington (Data science)
  • USC (CS Data Science option)
  • Iowa State (MS stats)
  • Penn State (MS Syats)
  • USF (MS analytics)
  • UC Davis (MS Stats)
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