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Get out or stay in (MS in CJ)

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I am employed full time as a police officer, and have been given a 1-year involuntary transfer to overnights at the airport...meaning I will have a lot of free time on my hands during this year.  I thought I should use this time to do something that will further my career when I get back to the streets instead of wasting my time, so I applied and have been accepted into a MS in CJ program that is offered entirely online (University of Cincinnati).  However, now that I have done all the work of getting in, I'm wondering if it's even worth it.  I will be paying out of pocket for this and am now thinking that I could do something that would further my career just as much if not more for free (e.g. teach myself Spanish using free resources).  I'm just afraid if I ditch my opportunity to further my education now, that I will regret it later.  Thoughts?  

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Personally, though I am definitely biased, I do not think you will regret furthering your education. Not only will it give you expansion on what you already know, but selfishly having someone who is a practitioner in the field being able to give ideas and suggestions is great. I always remind myself that education is one of the few things in life that once you earn, no one can take away. Cincinnati is a fantastic school and program and I think it speaks volumes that you applied and got accepted. If money is the concern, have you looked at if your department will sponsor you? Otherwise there are a good amount of grants for active government agents to apply for. I say go for it! : )


If you want any information on where to find grants for service members, PM me and I will send you some links! 


Good luck! 

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