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MS Computer Science Regrets


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Hey, first post.

This is kind of stupid but I am beginning to feel some regrets.

All my applications are in and I am starting to hear back. My question is: should I have taken more risks? I just got into UPenn, but probably the best school I applied to was UMaryland (below top 10 in USNews rankings)

My Application:

GRE: Q167, V160, W4.5

GPA: 3.3 Top 10 Computer Science program in US. 

Not published

2 relevant internships and worked for a year.

3 LORs, 1 from Turing Award professor.



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I would have tried 1 application at #1 (Stanford, Berkeley, MIT) and 2 at 3-8 (WashU, UIUC, GT, ect) Your GPA is a bit low, but your letters and your UG might have countered that. You never know really and plus it's nice to know where you stand. 


Apply to GT and see if you can still apply to any of the top schools. But hey, even if it doesn't work out, you still have UMD and Penn. Like the above poster says, they are both great schools. 


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Meh, fit is more important anyway. I'd rather go to GT than Berkeley for example. Btw, UWashington doesn't do MS-only. Berkeley does, but only officially. Really they're all about PhD. Anyway, GT is probably the only one with apps still open.

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