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UT departmental check "incomplete"??


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My UT MyStatus says "in review" but my department check is "incomplete". It's Educational Psychology - MA school psychology. All of my materials were submitted 2 weeks ago, and the deadline was the 10th. I emailed the admissions coordinator today asking if they were missing something on their side.. While I can handle not getting in because I'm not good enough, I'd be super upset with myself if I didn't get in because I did something wrong on the application. :mellow:

Anyone have something similar happen? If you applied to UT, especially to the School Psychology LSSP program, does it say 'complete'?

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I emailed the department. They said everything is submitted on their end, so they're just waiting for the graduate school to give the "okay" after reviewing my transcripts and scores. They did say that the admissions committee can review my online documents when they're ready, they just can't accept/deny me until it has formally been "completed" by the graduate school. 

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