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North American Prehistory/Applied Archaeology Programs


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I've been working on applications for these schools, and I was wondering if anyone has insight into how good the programs really are. The websites feature biographies and testimonials of recent Master's recipients, but I want to hear all sides! I've seen mixed reviews for IUP, but almost entirely rated by undergrads and art students.

University of Oklahoma



Illinois State


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I can only speak for Illinois State as a current grad in the program. I have nothing but good things to say about the program. It's a small program, but professors are helpful and have a very generous open door policy. And a big bonus is that funding is guaranteed upon admission. It's not much, but being such a short program, it's nice to know that everyone has the same amount to work with, haha. The program also allows a great deal of flexibility in terms of thesis topics - and they just hired a new Midwestern archaeologist to work with who does lithic use-wear. Overall: Excellent program. Highly recommend it! 

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