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Communication Sciences and Disorders Masters Program Question


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I just got accepted into the Distance Learning Program at FSU for Fall 2016! :D  Can't seem to find much information about it or too many people talking about FSU and their SLP Grad Program. Any one have any info or has anyone else been accepted into the program??

Also have an online interview with the University of Wisconsin- Eau Claire Jan 18th. Any information or opinions on that schools as well?


Thank you!! 



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I just had my interview with Eau-Claire, but I'm not sure when we'll hear back. One prof. told me the beginning of Feb and another said by the end of Feb. I'm from Wisconsin, and take post-bacc classes online at UWEC. I do know that you are required to come to campus for a week each summer. You have to do internships at both schools and clinical placements, and it's your responsibility to find your own placements. They don't have an option for research or a thesis either, if you are interested in that. Good Luck!! Let me know if you have any other questions. 

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