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Low overall GPA from top school, okay major gpa, no experience, would like some advice on further education/career guidance


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Not sure if this is the right place to post, but here goes. I have already googled and read tons of other stuff, basically anything with the words low gpa. On the med school prep website, the advice is Post Bacc courses. On wallstreetoasis, it's GPA doesn't matter, just network and find a job. On here, it seems to be take grad courses as a non-degree seeking student. It seems that there are a lot of people here who didn't go directly from college to grad school, so if anyone has life advice, it would be much appreciated. Even if it's just what you would do in this scenario. Basically, I would like to get an internship and then a job somewhere with the intention of more school later, but I also don't know if I need more school now in order to be competitive enough to get an internship/job.

I just graduated on a low note from a top ten school with a literature degree. Overall GPA:  around 2.4 Major GPA: <3.5

Reasons for GPA...didn't know how to study early on, had poor course choices (e.g. taking upper level courses in totally unrelated field) because I didn't know what I wanted to do and wanted to try everything,and namely  health issues, severe depression/anxiety during latter half of college. It was really ugly, but now I can declare myself stable.

I'm not sure what to do at the moment although I am glad from researching around, that my life is not over. I know I definitely need to hustle, but because I'm not sure what I want to do, I don't even have a direction to hustle towards. I wanted to go to a top college, so in high school, I worked super hard to get in, but once I got there, I didn't know what is it that I wanted. I picked my area of interest, and now here I am with a lit degree but I have no interest in doing a lit PhD at the moment. Because of my awful GPA, grad school, law school, MBA, med school, masters, proper post-bacc programs, etc. are nearly impossible without 1.) taking some courses 2.) experience, etc. I can't even go the normal procrastinating route of teaching abroad with this GPA (if there are programs that disregard GPA, I'd love to know).

General Questions:

1. is a second bachelor's a waste of time? I could then list on my resume College A (and not list GPA) then College B with a better GPA but if the end goal is to be competitve enough for getting an internship/job

2. in these circumstances, should I just get a job, any job?

3. do you know of any jobs like actuaries where GPA is less of a factor because there are actuarial exams?

Assume community college is off the table, and assume looking for the place with the best ranking/reputation that will somehow let me in. So the logistical questions I have are

1.) is there a GPA requirement for just taking classes as a non-degree and non-post bacc program student? and where?

2.) where do you go to get a second bachelors? or what is the most well-ranked place that will take students with this sort of GPA

3.) is there a GPA requirement to sign up for graduate courses, non-degree? and where are the better places to do this?

To anyone who takes the time to answer, thanks!





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