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Profile/Application Feedback, Evaluation


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Hello Guys,

I was just wondering if I could be provided some germane feedback on my application/profile.

Undergraduate (University of Pittsburgh): B.Phil in Political Science, Urban Studies, International and Area Studies|3.944|Summa Cum Laude|Honors in Poli Sci|Numerous Awards and Grants for Reserach and Academic Performance, 65 pg. Reserach Thesis, Countless Conference Presentations, 1 Journal Publication, Thesis Published Online, 3 Semesters Abroad in 4 Countries

GRE Analytics: V(157) Q(161) W(5.5)

Graduate (Ongoing at University of Cambridge): M.Phil in IR and Politics|Thesis on Political and Ethnic Decentralization in the Southern Balkans|Expected Outcome: Distinction in Coursework and Thesis

Apps. Submitted to UCSD and MIT both PhD in Political Science.

3 LOR's, 2 from Pitt, 1 from Cambridge.

Emailed POI at UCSD and he responded saying that 'he finds my research interests quite interesting and hopes the admissions committee can make me an offer.' (not sure what to make of the reply?)

What does everyone think? Do I stand a chance for either UCSD or MIT? I am quite cognizant of the fact that my Quant score is rather weak. But, any thoughts/comments/advice on waiting for those decisons is most certainly appreciated!!

Thank you!!



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Considering how much meat you've got on the rest of your app, I don't think the GRE score will be that big a deal to them. If you don't get an offer, it's unlikely to do with your stats, and more how the reviewers might think you'd fit in with the program. GRE tends to have more weight when you're dealing with a GPA on the lower end, that's my opinion at least.

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