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To take or not to take?


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So, I am in between jobs as I wait to hear back from fall 2016 grad applications.... Today I was offered a full-time position (that expects me to be there at least 6-7 months to a year). Training is three weeks and takes place in February. My fears are the following: A) I will hear back from schools during this time and will need to do an interview. B ) I will get accepted into dream grad program and will have to leave in a matter of 5 months or so... All of the programs that I applied to are out of town, with the majority being out of state. I am worried of repercussions for leaving a job so soon (if that were the case). I am thinking about taking the job because I really need the money to save up for the potential move for grad school and all the expenses that can occur. I know there are a lot of variables that can determine whether or not I make the decision to attend my grad program, however, I feel that I am taking a bigger risk if I don't take this position. If I were to continue looking for a job time will not be on my side...


Has anyone been in this same predicament? 




Dazed & Confused. 

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Well, what kind of job are we talking about? Will you need LORs from there? Will your bosses have any influence on your life once you've left, given that leaving means that you will have already gotten into school, and school is out of town? Assuming that the answer is no, they won't really have influence over you, you just feel bad (and under some circumstances if it were yes), I think you plan for what you know and not for what might be. You need a job right now and you don't know that you'll be leaving, so you are acting in good faith. If you leave in 5 months or so, that's close to 6 months, and anyway that's not something that you can worry about now. You'll figure it out and so will they. So, I'd probably take the job. 

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