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U Sask (I think)


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I am a bit indecisive about where to go. I want to go to graduate school in Canada, as my intended research is basically about eighteenth- and early-nineteenth century British North American Imperialism.

Buuuuut... Goodness. I emerged with an MA in '09 and have adjuncted at community colleges and universities ever since. And now, it seems like I stagnated since graduating - even though I have not at all, I just haven't been doing research and presenting and conferences. (Adjunct wages are only barely above starvation level and I have taught up to eight classes a semester at three placesjust to keep bread on the table.) My thesis supervisor retired (and, i suspect, went full-on potty), my second, third, and fourth readers all went on to other universities... it's a mess. Do you think that they would accept the recommendations of professors I have worked with at the university level? Got loads of those.

Also, I have no idea how I get a hold of my old GRE scores. They have changed the test since then, so i am worried that it will look low, even though it was rather high at the time.

So... I think I will go to U Saskatchewan. If they'll have me. I finished our two-year MA program in one year, with a perfect 4.0, and now I feel like I am not a very strong candidate at all. Wish me luck.


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