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Just wondering if the person who recently posted an interview for UVA's social psych would mind sharing details:

Was it a general invitation or PI-specific? Do you know if all interviews have gone out? You can post here or PM me. Congrats/Thanks!!!

And if anybody else applied/has any news, please chime in


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Sorry for the delayed response. I received a phone call from my POI. Their interview weekend is Feb 11-13. An email from the current Social grad students who are in charge of coordinating the event followed a few days later, so I guess all interview invites have sent out.

I wish you a good luck with your application!

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I applied to the developmental track and had a Skype interview on the 19th. My POI said she'd be in touch, but I haven't heard anything in a week. Getting disheartened considering the interview dates are coming up so soon... But then again there are still people posting on the results page that they are receiving requests for phone interviews. UVA seems to be cutting it real close to their actual interview dates and they kind of seem to be all over the place depending on POI and department.

Such an agonizing wait!

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