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Fulbright ETA or cushy job?


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Hi all!

Just looking for some fresh POVs. I have recently finished my Master's in bio, and have landed a cushy lab job that I like but don't love. I have received word that I'm a finalist for Fulbright ETA (Poland) and will probably have to be making a choice soon. My concern with leaving the job is that flexible jobs like this one seem to be rare, and taking the Fulbright would pretty much send me down the path to a PhD program, something I don't want to do. 

Is it silly to pass up a good job for the Fulbright; or is it silly to pass up the Fulbright for a lab job? Are Fulbright ETAs so prestigious that I should take it no matter what? I won't be offended if someone tells me I'm overthinking it. 

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