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University of Michigan MPH reqs

Jim Jones

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Hi guys,


I'm having a hard time sifting through information and finding out what numbers one needs to get into Michigan's MPH. I have around a 3.0 gpa from a fairly shitty undergrad. I have a strong upward trend in my gpa, but unfortunately I partied hard at the beginning of college. What type of GRE score would overcome a 3.0 gpa and get me into a top program like Michigan?

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What's your work experience? A 3.0 isn't too bad (and an upward trend is definitely favorable with that GPA), but having relevant work or research experience in the field will have a greater impact on your likelihood of admission than great GRE scores. If you don't have work experience in your favor or strong recommenders, I would suggest shooting for the 90th percentile in all GRE sections. (162 V, 165 Q, 5.0 W), and try volunteering or interning for a health organization ASAP. In any scenario, you'll want to have a great statement of purpose that is meaningful and honest. No generic template. Remember, the application is a holistic document. If you can provide a compelling reason why you want to pursue public health at Michigan and trace your journey towards that decision, the committee will be more forgiving to your early undergrad escapades. You can have killer GRE scores, but if you pitch them a mad-libs statement cluttered with boilerplate language, the odds will be stacked against you.

Good luck! Thankfully, you have plenty of time to work on this.

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