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Anyone from UCSD? Or EE major? Please help



Just admitted to Applied Ocean Science for Fall 2016 as a Master student. I see UCSD is one of the few school in US with this major. I am passionate about the ocean,but I have no idea if this major is promising or not,given its popularity. 

My undergraduate major is Electrical Engineering. While I obtained a really good grade out of my undergrad,I don't really enjoy this major. However,having idea that"EE is promising",I painstakingly finished my bachelor's degree. So my question here is,should I go for what I really enjoy and possibly end up with unemployment,or continue to something I am not interested in and get a dull job?

Looking forward to your advices!!


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I just got into UCSD for a masters in EE. Honestly, even with the bachelors alone, it is probably enough of a safety to get a decent job, it is better to go for what you think will make you happy. That said, the majority of what you've done is EE, not Applied Ocean Science, so make sure it is actually what you like and that you don't have any misconceptions about it. In addition, make sure you actually need the degree to qualify for the types of jobs you would like to do, if you don't then it is probably to pursue something you consider more practical while taking ocean science classes here and there, applying for the jobs you want and using the more practical degree to get a different job if you fail. Honestly, a masters is very short anyway, even if you do it, you can change your mind afterwards and apply directly to EE PhD programs (UCSD is ranked really high in EE, so depending on your gpa, gre, lors/research, you would probably get into some programs).

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