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Boston University Online Application: Residencies and Fellowships?

cartwheel galaxy


In the online application there's a "Residencies and Fellowships" tab. I have a fellowship, but it asks me to also upload "a copy of proof of graduation such as a graduation certificate", otherwise I'm not able to save this fellowship. I haven't graduated yet. Any suggestions on how to deal with this?

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Well, it sounds like you don't meet the basic criteria for applying to this fellowship. I'm not sure how you think we can help with this. If you think this is a mistake and you're still eligible, you're probably going to have to contact someone who can help you figure out how to save your application despite not having this required document. One fix you could probably use in the meantime, so you don't lose information you've entered into the system, is to upload some other document, if the system won't let you save otherwise. I wouldn't submit the application this way, though, unless someone tells you this is an ok way to deal with missing an important document. 

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