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Financial info requested from grad school


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I'm applying to The Fletcher School at Tufts for a masters in international affairs...

The application's scholarship section requests pretty specific financial data, including a 10-line financial plan of how I plan to finance my graduate degree. Anyone have any knowledge or advice about this?

I have a decent chunk of change in my Roth-IRA/40lk and I'm not willing to withdraw all of it to finance my graduate education. I'd rather qualify for scholarships or low-cost student loans (to the extent that they're still out there). But anyone know the protocol for writing a financial plan for the graduate application? Will I look stingy or unrealistic if I don't offer to pay my way with a decent amount from my retirement savings?

I'm uneasy with the idea that all of this financial data is part and parcel of the application, and I'm not sure how unrealistic expectations of aide will influence their admissions decision.

And a huge pet peeve: they're asking about my parents' financial assets and liabilities, as if they're in a position to help me when they're nearing retirement with their savings wiped out from the financial crisis.

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