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Hi all,

I'm super confused about which Masters program to go for. As of now, I have admission at the Stockholm School of Economics (Msc in Economics, specialization in International Econ), MSc Economics and Management of Govt and Intll organizations at Bocconi (100% scholarship and free accommodation), and Masters in Intll Trade, Finance and Development at the Barcelona GSE. 

I want to get into policy research and international economics as a profession. Would you all have any idea regarding the reputations of these schools and their genuine placement records. The Barcelona program is brilliant in curriculum but it is a nine-months course. Is that too little?

Also waiting for the Masters in International Economics at the Graduate Institute Geneva but that response is due in March.

I'd love some ideas on the general reputation of a one-year masters in Economics without plans for a PhD. Would love to hear some ideas!

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The Barcelona programme is relatively new, courageous and structured to produce excellent quality graduates for research and industry. Their professors are well cited and there are active exchange programmes. Good school for Economics. Note that your masters is not in economics but trade and finance -



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