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Hello everyone! 

I was wondering what everyone's acceptance experiences post interviews were like? i.e. How were you notified, how soon after interviews? Is there generally a certain way people are notified? 

I just had a fanastic interview experience at one of my top choices and I have been frantically checking my phone & email waiting on {hopefully} good news 

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I have yet to get any official acceptance letters, but I've been "recommended for admission" at one university, which basically means I will be getting an admission letter any day now because recommendations are never turned down by the dean. Then, at another university my POI said that "as far as he's concerned, I'm admitted," but it won't be official until after the departmental meeting next month. Then, at the end of my most recent interview weekend I was told that I will "probably" be offered admission.

What has struck me as surprising is that it seems like there will be no surprises in terms of where I get in. So far, all of the schools who intend to make an offer have either blantantly said it, or they've hinted at such.

Before, I just imagined this cinematic moment where I open my email and, to my surprise, I've been admitted somewhere. But, it seems like that likely won't be the case. If I get an admission offer from any of the schools I've interviewed with thus far, it won't be a surprise (except for the program that said I'd "probably" be accepted). Of course, I'll still be overwhelmed with happiness and excitement, but not surprise. 

Granted, this is all specific to my experiences. I am certain there are programs that do not inform applicants of their admission status until they are admitted. I'm sure many others here will have the cinematic moment I imagined! 

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I'm sure some number of POIs can tell candidates (or heavily hint) about acceptances during or shortly after interviews. From my understanding, most places will formally call you after they meet as a committee to make official decisions and let you know if you have been accepted. I think this timeline varies by program but I can't imagine it would be more than 2-4 weeks after you interview there. They may also be delayed due to determining funding offers. Good luck and I hope you get into your top choice school!

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I got an email from the POI at my top choice school saying their students would love to have me in the lab, and that the POI thinks I would make a great mentee. Haven't heard word from the program yet (but they gave us an approximate time frame and they still have ample time). Here's hoping that was a hint at an acceptance. 

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