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Interview with U. Michigan - Need Advice!


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Hi all, 

I was invited for a phone interview with the University of Michigan in a couple of weeks. Has anyone had to interview with a grad school before? I would love your advice/insight. 

What sort of questions do they ask? How should I prep for the interview? Do I discuss my research interest? Career objectives?

What does this all mean!??!??!?!?

Thanks, y'all. YOLO. 

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Hi there,

When a graduate school extends an invitation to an applicant for an interview, it signals a few things. The school wants to get a better picture of who you are and whether your application matches your answers to their questions they ask and further clarification on details they aren't able to get on the paper application. Essentially, the school wants to see if you are a good fit for the school and vice versa. Thus, it's really important for you to have clear, concise answers on why you are interested in Michigan's program versus other MSW programs in the states. Firstly, why are you interested in social work? Are there certain personal or professional experiences that have motivated you to pursue the field? What are your ultimate professional goals as a social worker? How would you be a positive addition to the program? Secondly, is there a specific program Michigan offers you're particularly interested in? Is it the focus of the curriculum and overall mission of the school? The research opportunities? I was really drawn to Michigan for its global focus, international field placements as well as its research opportunities. Since you're from the New York metropolitan area, they might ask you why you applied to Michigan and not to a slew of NYC MSW programs (Columbia, Rutgers, Hunter, NYU, Yeshiva). Make sure to give the website a thorough look over and review your application package as well (especially the admissions essays).

Best of luck!

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