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Request for official transcripts?


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I received an email regarding one of my applications this morning asking for my official transcript(s).  The email says the adcom "has selected your application for further consideration."  I had an interview with my POI back in December (which went very well) and have had only slight correspondence since.   

At what point in the review process do programs typically ask for official transcripts??

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I think this is actually atypical---either schools want the official transcripts upfront like HopefulPHD14 said, or they only ask for it when you confirm your acceptance into the program. I am guessing that you have made some cutoff in the program you're applying to but I think it's weird that they were okay with unofficial transcripts to make this cut but require official ones to make further decisions? Or maybe this is a way for them to ensure everyone gets to include their Fall 2015 grades. 

Anyways, it's certainly a good sign that you're still in the running. But whether or not this represents an initial cut or a final cut is hard to tell.

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