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Pen pal for a Grad Cafe lurker - we don't have to be so lonely


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I have been thinking about getting myself a pen pal. And then I realized that it is immensely difficult to find someone as devoted to academia and learning as I am. Or just - let us be clear - as smart ;). Hence - this is a thread for anyone who wants to get a pen pal. The structure of a post is easy: your interests and what you would like to talk about. And someone - perhaps, a future friend? - will drop you a personal message. :)

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I think this is a great idea.  I'll likely be completely uprooting and starting my life anew halfway across the country! Having someone who is going through the same thing to talk with would probably make that transition much more bearable.

My academic interest is in how emerging technologies (convincing virtual reality, artificial intelligence, etc.) are going to change the fabric of social development and social interaction. More simply, how is having access to a virtual world that is more vibrant than our physical world going to change us. (WARNING: the former is a very narrow slice of my area of interest -- be prepared for text walls if you take me on as a pen-pal ;)).

Some of my more casual interests are in technology, politics, personal finance, awesome TV shows and movies, video games, and science fiction!

What I'm looking for: someone to ENGAGE with me (it's crazy how hard that is to find!) Someone who will ask questions, challenge me, and share ideas in a safe and non-combative way.

What I can offer: I'll ENGAGE with you and your ideas, I'll ask questions, I'll challenge you, and I'll share my ideas in a safe and non-combative way. And cookies.

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