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How unusual is this?

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I applied to Yale's PhD in stats. Not too long ago, I received an email from a member of the faculty telling me I hadn't made the cut for their PhD program but that they would recommend me for their 1 year Master's program if I wanted. I was disappointed, so I didn't immediately respond, but the next day the same faculty member called me to make sure I heard the offer (I accepted it and got in to the MA program). Is this weird or just something normal I was not expecting?


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For schools that offer both terminal Masters and PhD programs in the same field, I would say it's normal for them to offer Masters program admission to applicants who applied for the PhD program but were not successful. That is, it's normal for them to make PhD program decisions first, and then automatically consider the unsuccessful PhD applicants for their Masters program. Some schools are more explicit in this policy and ask you directly on the application if you would want to be considered, while others just do it anyways.

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