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Quota in admission(US citizen vs International Student)


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Hello Everyone 

I have a question.:rolleyes:

Imagine one program with 10 slot. Is there quota for international students?(like only 2 slot from 10) 

I mean for this 10 slot international students have same chance compared US students or not? 

Is there difference in acceptance between US students and international students?

Thank you

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59 minutes ago, COGSCI said:

I think it depends on whether the institution is private or public


This is correct. The international/domestic student quota for graduate programs are pretty variable across schools, and it also depends on the type of program (doctoral vs. masters). I think that your best bet is contacting the schools and asking for information that is specific to international applicants. 

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There are NO quotas, ever! If you talk about quotas, it implies that there is a law stating that only 2 out of 10 will be international. There are no such quotas in the US at any school at any level of education. The ratios (NOT quotas) between international vs. domestic, is up to the discretion of the admission officers, program directors. They can admit more or less internationals, it is up to them....depending on funding, academic standards etc.


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No, there is no such quota. You may get certain consideration for your background and experiences if you are an international. They will consider if you have faced any disadvantage in gaining relevant experience, but the university does not recommend anyone fixed quotas. There would be a lot of graduate departments without any international students. 

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