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Hi all,

I am a student from India..This is my profile

UG: CEG, Anna University, Chennai (one among top 10 Engg schools in India)

CGPA: 9.85/10.0

LoR strong

SOP good



Derpartment Rank 1/306

Projects/Research exp: Visited ISRO, Did a lot of projects in my UG...

This is the univ. list am applying for

UC Berkeley


UT Austin



Virginia Tech



Could you plz guide me on what is a possible admit...and indicate if am missing out on something..

Thanx in advance



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all good schools and you have a very strong profile. your grades are going to get you ranked pretty highly at the large state schools. What exactly is your research experience?

out of curiosity, what's your area in ece? going by the fact that UCSD and UMCP are on your list and not MIT or CalTech, I'm going to guess solid state.

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