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Anyone heard from UGA MPH?


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I applied to the dual degree MSW/MPH. I emailed them in the middle of January just go make sure they had everything from SOPHAS, and was hoping to connect with someone to keep in touch with throughout the process. Never got an email back.

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I applied for the MPA Program, and have not heard back, but checked the GradStatus Portal. Under 'Applicant' is where the decision is posted. I am sure the letter will come soon. Maybe check there? I would assume it is the same for MPH.


PS. Mine says "Applicant Accepted Offer" which I have not accepted. So I am not sure if it mean "the applicant has accepted our offer" and is an error. Or if it means "We have sent an Applicant Accepted Offer."

Let me know if you see anything!


UPDATE: I just called the general admissions office, and they said it means accepted. Try the link!

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"Applicant Accepted Offer" means you have been accepted. I called the Grad School office about that, and received my letter in the mail about a week later. Congrats!


Lib1845, have you heard back from anyone? I applied to the MSW/MPH program as well, and have heard from MPH, but not MSW. Who did you email? I've had luck with GradAdm@uga.edu which isn't specific to MPH or MSW, but they were able to confirm that all my info was received. Good luck!

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