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UF vs USC, Geology MS


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I'm reposting this here as I think I may get better advice on this forum.

I've narrowed my choices down to two schools - UF in Gainesville, FL and USC in Columbia, SC.

Both programs are fully funded masters in geology. I've spoken with both POIs who seem great and who have interesting, concrete projects in mind. 

I'm curious to hear what people's impressions are of each school/program. Any advice on making this difficult decision is appreciated! 

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Have you visited? After acceptance, if the POIs and work at each are relatively equal, visits can often be instrumental in making decisions. After all, even 2 years for the masters is a while to spend with the same people: you want to find a place where you fit in well, can communicate with advisors and grad students alike, etc. All of that is likely to lead to more happiness and productivity, among other things!

Also, either may be better for you depending on your sub-field. What are you looking to go into? Just a quick view of their sites seems to suggest land use and coastal processes etc. are a bigger focus at UF, while SC has the same plus some geochem, tectonics, etc.

Hopefully this helps!

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