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I just wanted anyone applying to adelphi to know a few things. Their program is a MESS. They raised our tuition by about $35,000 and didn't inform any of us. They held a meeting and basically said nothing you can do about this it is what it is. We are now paying $85,000 for the two years there. They have NOTHING together. We had to bring issues to their attention and have them fix it not just for us but for them. We now need to take classes during the summer, which wasn't part of the program outline. The program was supposed to be a "cohort" it is no longer a cohort with people all over the place taking different classes. They give you NO answers to important questions. It is a MESS!!! Just a heads-up for anyone applying or thinking of coming here. The professors are great, it's unfortunate that they decided to make changes without thinking of the consequences it would have on their students and on their program. 

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Thank you for sharing your experience! I did apply here since it is close to home but I have received acceptances from other schools as well. Sorry that you are having a negative experience there!

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