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What are the cheapest ways of getting bulk minimal-preparation food online?


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So I'm curious - what do you use to get bulk minimal-preparation food online as cheaply as possible? Are there sites better than Amazon? (e.g. would Vitacost work)?

I like to order low-glycemic index food that requires a minimum of preparation and that can be easily ordered online. So.. food like oat bran, rolled oats, roasted chickpeas, nuts, and dried tomatoes (if they were cheaper) would fit the profile perfectly. I've made a shopping list off Amazon (http://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/wishlist/1NEVPQ8EZ7HCX/ref=topnav_lists_1) though I'm not sure if I'm listing all the best options yet.

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Vita cost can work––it honestly depends on the type of food you are getting. I don't really order food online, but do much of my shopping at bulk warehouses like Costco. Kirkland is on your list, so clearly you are doing well on that front. I really like amazon, especially if you have prime. 

You could technically get Soylent if you weren't worried about additional actual food intake...

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