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UC Berkeley Stats MA: How does it compare to programs like Chicago MS, and do people here have any thoughts on the program?

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I'm struggling to find much information about the program online. In terms of prestige, I consistently see UCBerkeley ranked as the #2 statistics school, but does that apply at all to its masters? I see a lot more discussion of Chicago and Harvard. I like that it's only one year, and prepares well for industry. Is it common to join their Stats PhD program after the year? Do people have positive opinions of the program? How does it compare to Harvard, Chicago, and Stanford's equivalent programs? No masters thesis (they say it's possible in "rare" circumstances) is a downside, but I recognize that'd be impossible in a 1 year program! Any info about the program would help.

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If decide to apply for PhD, Chicago is a good choice. If go to industry, I would recommend Harvard or Berkeley. they have more flexible curriculum. You do not need to struggle with PhD level courses when you are busy seeking jobs. Master thesis is a somewhat trivial thing, because no one expects a profound research through that thesis. That is why all the programs of Stanford, Berkeley and Harvard do not require master thesis.

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