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"Thank you for your patience while you remained on the waiting list at Harvard Kennedy School.  As you know, we were hoping that a few places would become available for the class entering this year.  Unfortunately, we regret that we are unable to extend any additional offers of admission."

--this is for the Masons MC/MPA. They accept fewer persons to this program. So others still waiting, there's still a possibility. Especially for you MPP folks. Best wishes.

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Got an email from HKS yesterday for MPP. Looks like the waitlist for MPP is practically closed. I am going to take myself off it. 

Greetings from the Harvard Kennedy School Admissions Office. You are receiving this email because you recently confirmed your desire to remain on the Harvard Kennedy School waiting list. The Admissions Committee has been monitoring enrollment responses and due to a very positive response from admitted candidates, we are unable to offer you a place at this time. The only way we can make additional offers going forward is if admitted candidates forfeit their spaces, and we have no way to predict if or when this will happen. We will keep the waiting list open at this time in case spots do open.

I know with factors such as the timing of a possible admission offer, housing, and finances it might be difficult to enroll if we are able to offer a space to you later, so you should only remain on the waiting list if you are confident in your ability to enroll on short notice. Please also note that HKS will not be able to award fellowship or scholarship funding to candidates admitted from the waiting list. Any candidate admitted from the waiting list will likely be responsible for using their own funds and/or borrowing to pay for tuition and living expenses. Candidates admitted from the waiting list also may not defer enrollment for any reason (including candidates who have been admitted to concurrent degree partner school and are planning to start at the partner school). Candidates on the waiting list who have been admitted to a concurrent degree partner school are welcome to reapply to HKS in the coming year. 

The chances of admission from the waiting list are small and not predictable, however if you wish to remain on the waiting list please respond to this message by Friday, May 6. If you do not wish to remain on the waiting list please respond so we may close your file. The Admission Committee will meet again in mid-to-late May to review our situation. The next waiting list update email will thus likely go out in late May or early June. I recommend that if you have another opportunity in hand that you take it since it is impossible for us to predict if or when admitted candidates will forfeit their spaces.  


Matt Clemons
Director of Admissions
Harvard Kennedy School

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Hi waitlisted folks, any other updates? Did the MPP, MPA or MPA/ID applicants hear back? I am one of them - so far have not heard anything over the past month (which I think is not a good sign) and I was also not able to connect to the office. Any updates would be much appreciated :)

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