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I know a lot of us can't stand the waiting anymore, so let's brainstorm the best ways to reach out for updates!

How to sound curious but not desperate? Who do you contact, the school's graduate admissions office or the specific department to which you applied? 

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I was downvoted in a similar thread, but I've found the best way is to fudge it a little bit.  Just say something along the lines that you have a school with an early deadline coming up and you are interested to know if results are going to be released soon/if you can know your status.  I was responded to pretty promptly by 4 out of my 5 schools.  The only one who didn't respond apart from a generic message I am still waiting on.  They sent: "We send results out in late Feb/early March as per our website...please check this section here for more information" which you guessed it, was a copy-paste of "We send results out in late Feb/early March."  

I know I'm fairly lucky to have responses and options as some on this board don't have, but I really don't see any harm in telling that little white lie as the chances of you ever meeting the grad co-ordinator are pretty slim if you are not admitted to the program.  Even if you do meet them, they get 200+ applications per year and e-mails from at least 100 others who don't even apply with questions, so the chances of them remembering who you are and that you possibly lied about getting into school x so you could know your status at their school are slim to none.  Actually thinking about it a little bit more, you don't even have to tell them what school you potentially got into.  Just a simple "Hello, I was wondering if you could tell me my status as I have an early deadline at another program and wanted to be able to make the most informed decision possible before deciding.  Thanks bye," obviously in nicer terms would suffice.

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Because I'm a very impatient and anxious curious person, I have sent out a few emails asking about my status. Usually, I'll send it to the DGS if his/her name is listed in the admission section of the website that says 'for more graduate information, contact this person.' My email usually sounds like:  "I submitted an application for the ______ program at the University of _____ for Fall 2016.  I'm contacting you to inquire about the Department's timeline in regards to admission decisions and how applicants are typically notified."  I've never mentioned deadlines for other programs. At the very least, the people I contacted were nice enough to give me an estimated date on when I can expect to receive word about my application. Twice, my email opened up a short conversation about the program between me and the DGS. 

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